• FiveWomen Scented Hangtag - Fleur d'Oranger (Orange Blossom)


FiveWomen Scented Hangtag - Fleur d'Oranger (Orange Blossom)

Scented hangtags are wax equipped with a jute cord allowing them to be suspend on a handle, hook, hanger, bed-frame, crib or in a car. They have a dual use: first to delicately perfume a space, then as scented fondant in a wax burner to intensely perfume your interior.


How to use the hangtag: 1) Thanks to its jute cord, hang the scented hangtag on a handle, hook, hanger, bed-frame, crib or in a car. 2) The hangtag will gradually dry and the perfume will become lighter and lighter, at this time, remove the jute cord and break the hangtag into pieces and use it as scented fondant with an wax burner. Handmade in Marseille with natural, high-quality ingredients: 90% soy wax, 10% Grasse perfume with dried flowers and no coloring or harmful additives. An option that is respectful of the environment with no waste.


Orange blossom scent - A true hymn to nature, this perfume reveals a sparkling petitgrain in the first note, which then opens with a floral heart where orange blossom is highlighted, before stopping on a soft and comforting base of tonka bean. This scent will transport you like a gentle and warm journey under the orange trees of the Orient.


Olfactory notes: Floral, green, animal
Top notes: Petitgrain
Heart notes: Orange blossom, floral accord
Base notes: Tonka bean

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