SENTi understands shopping for fragrance can be complicated and intimidating in-person and even more-so online. SENTi takes an educational approach to fragrance and scent by providing background on fragrance families (classification system), ingredients (notes), concentration (strength) while also encouraging you to challenge your instincts and​ take chances​ because fragrance is fun and meant to be tried, worn, layered and loved.

Fragrance Families - every fragrance is based on this system of olfactory ‘groups’, based on their dominant characteristics. ​Keep in mind, many fragrance​ notes pull from nature with variations that may blur a bit into ​other fragrance families​.​​ ​This system uses another sense, sight, by using color to help make a visual connection to the fragrance family member.

Concentration​ - fragrance strength ​helps to ​understand the longevity of different fragrance types.

​​In addition to the above​, ​SENTi also recommends when fragrance-shopping​ on​,​ take into consideration ​your other 4 senses​​-tastetouchsound and sight.

Consider how rituals and settings throughout your day to help align the ​fragrance and home ​scent ​that ​best ​honors each.

These thoughtful ​​​reflections bring in a broader sense ​​of yourself​,​ your surroundings​ ​and provide personalized themes to ​draw from​ in selecting your fragrance​ and home scent varieties.​ ​​​​